We will start Mahara Hui with a mihi. It is a structured greeting. The following information is taken from the mihi info sheet provided by Te Papa.

Arrival of manuhiri (visitors)
All guests will be seated with a few seats at the front for important guests and those with a speaking role on behalf of the manuhiri. A few Te Papa representatives will also be seated at the front opposite the group.

Kōrero (informal speech)
An informal speech will be given in Te Reo Māori welcoming guests to Te Papa and wishing the conference or event well. Te Papa will begin with a speech in te reo Māori, followed by a waiata (song).

The manuhiri may choose to respond in either Te Reo Māori or English followed by a waiata.

Koha (gift) - optional
At times a koha or a gift will then be presented by the manuhiri to the tangata whenua.

Hongi (to press noses in greeting)
The visiting group approach the Te Papa, then press noses (one long press or two short presses), sharing their breath, and formalising the bond and friendship between the two groups.


Our group, the manuhiri, will be singing the waiata "Māku rā pea":

Māku rā pea
(I will perhaps)

Māku rā pea
(I will perhaps)

Māku koe e awhi e
(I will help you)

Ki te ara, ara Tupu
(Upon the pathway, of progress)

Māku koe e awhi e
(I will indeed help you)

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