Why should you attend Mahara Hui?

Mahara Hui NZ offers you the unique opportunity in the Southern Hemisphere to meet Mahara users and enthusiasts from many different walks of life.

Presenters are school teachers, university lecturers, organisational learning support staff, independent consultants supporting organisations with professional development, and developers. Since the development of Mahara takes place to a large extend in New Zealand, you will also be able to meet members of the core Mahara development team and chat with them about everything Mahara.

Although we group presentations into specific areas, please do not feel constrained by that classification, but also attend sessions that may seem to be in a different context than you work in as they may give you very good insight into practices that you can transfer to your own context. In addition, you can also look forward to specific areas that might be of interest to you.

You can...

  • Share your own portfolio ideas and get feedback on them.
  • Discuss features that you'd like to see implemented to enhance your use of Mahara.
  • See examples from other users.
  • Network with Mahara users for further exploration after the hui.

If you are a school teacher, you can also...

  • Learn how teachers in New Zealand and Australia use Mahara with their students.
  • Find out how other teachers use Mahara for their own teaching portfolio.
  • Get to know how schools implement Mahara for teacher appraisal and teacher registration requirements.

If you are a tertiary lecturer, you will also...

  • Learn how tertiary institutions implement Mahara at an organizational level.
  • Connect with other lecturers who use Mahara with their students.
  • Get to know how ePortfolios can be integrated into study programmes.

If you are a learning technologist / learning support staff in an organisation, you will also...

  • Find out how professional organisations deal with the changing demands on their staff in regards to documenting professional development and learning.
  • See how organisations make excellent use of templates to guide their staff in the creation of their portfolios and how processes evolved over time.
  • Form relationships with other support staff to continue discussions after Mahara Hui.

If you are a developer, you can also...

  • Meet users of the software that you are supporting to enhance.
  • Talk with users about their experiences and learn how they use Mahara.
  • Discuss features that you are pondering with users to get their opinion on them.

In 2014, attendees liked at the hui...

Word cloud of the feedback from Mahara Hui 2014

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