Information for the proposals

Important dates

  • Call for proposals opens: 25 October 2016
  • Call for proposals ends: 30 November 2016
  • Email notifications to the proposal submitters: 10 December 2016

The Mahara Hui team reserves the right to accept proposals before the call for proposals finishes. Thus, early proposal submissions are encouraged. :-)


We welcome and encourage first-time presenters, students, academics, practitioners, developers and others interested in the use of Mahara to submit proposals for Mahara Hui.

Why should you attend?

Proposal themes

Proposals should tie back to the use of Mahara in some way, e.g. by showcasing ePortfolios created in Mahara, practices experimented with in Mahara, integrations done with other systems, etc.

We suggest the following broad themes for proposal submitters, but also welcome proposals that do not fit one theme alone or are outside any of the mentioned ones.

Students as portfolio creators

  • Using Mahara to enhance the student experience
  • Starting with Mahara at primary school
  • Expanding the use of Mahara in secondary school
  • Using Mahara at the tertiary level
  • Giving peer feedback on portfolios

Employability and work-integrated learning

  • Demonstrating work skills using a portfolio
  • Documenting internships in portfolios   
  • Preparing for job interviews with a portfolio

Teaching with portfolios

  • Changing teaching practices
  • Assessing ePortfolios built in Mahara
  • Enhancing digital literacies
  • To template or not to template

Portfolios beyond tertiaries

  • Using Mahara in the workplace
  • Supporting continuing professional development
  • Fulfilling compliance requirements

Mahara and collaboration

  • Creating group portfolios
  • Building communities of learning or practice in Mahara

Implementation stories

  • Starting out with Mahara
  • Championing Mahara: What works?
  • Scaling up the portfolio implementation

The techy side of Mahara

  • New features
  • Plugins
  • Administering Mahara

Presentation formats

We accept proposals for presentations and pre-hui sessions. If you'd like to do something a bit different, please drop us a line to discuss it.


Presentation proposals are for 20-minute presentations plus 5-minute discussions. You can present research findings or have a show-and-tell.

Pre-hui session

On 5 April 2017, we are organizing a pre-hui, aka pre-conference. It will give participants of Mahara Hui the opportunity to meet with other Mahara users in a less formal setting and discuss all things Mahara. For example, you could propose:
  • How-to session     
  • Q&A session     
  • Design challenge, i.e. get together to think about a usability issue and what improvements could be made to overcome it     
  • Workshop     
  • Code jam (developers working together on a new feature) 

Presentation recordings and licensing

We would like to publish your presentation and poster after Mahara Hui in the Hui's SlideShare account. We may record your presentation and then make it publicly available after the event to allow others who could not attend Mahara Hui to still learn from your experiences and insight. You will be asked whether you agree to the recording and subsequently to having your presentation licensed under Creative Commons BY SA.

Submit your proposal

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