Keynote by Mark Nichols: Mahara and the challenges of adulthood

It has been estimated that each internet year is the equivalent of 4.7 human years. First released in 2006, Mahara is now roughly in its early 30s. In terms of Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, if Mahara were a person it is halfway through a very critical phase of maturity. This presentation traces the growth of the Mahara ePortfolio application, from conception through delivery, infancy through to maturity. Over the years the internet landscape has changed significantly, and so far in its development Mahara has fared well. Now that Mahara has entered adulthood, it faces new challenges. How well is it placed for this stage of life?

About Mark Nichols

Photo of Mark NicholsMark Nichols was instrumental in securing the funding for the initial Mahara project in 2005 and chaired the project steering committee. Since then he has been following the development of Mahara in his various roles in tertiary education in New Zealand. Currently, he is Executive Director Faculty at the Open Polytechnic.

Mark has a strong research background in the fields of online and distance learning. He is an Executive member of ascilite and Acting President of DEANZ, following some years as editor and co-editor of the DEANZ journal. He holds a MA in Open and Distance Education (with distinction) from the Open University in the UK, and a Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons) from Waikato University. He has also recently submitted his PhD thesis to Otago University. View Mark's ePortfolio to learn more about him.

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