Friday keynote by Mark Osborne

Knowledge building organisations

"Learning is the process by which people acquire the intellectual heritage of their community. Knowledge building is the process by which new knowledge is created."

While most educational institutions have historically focused on learning, there is a growing awareness of the importance of 'knowledge building' in education: innovating and inventing new solutions to the challenges we're facing. This session will focus on how organisations can combine learning and knowledge building; and the role that ePortfolios can play in the process.

About Mark Osborne

Photo of Mark OsborneMark is a Senior Consultant for CORE Education, who works in Future-Focused Education, particularly in the areas of Modern Learning Environments, Leadership and eLearning. To put it another way, he helps schools and centres build great spaces to learn while helping educators develop the capacity to make the most of those spaces. Mark also founded Emerging Leaders-Aotearoa, a group of several hundred educators who are committed to growing leadership capacity across the sector.

Mark's personal mission is to turn all schools into awesomeness incubators, and he is currently completing his PhD on leadership in modern learning environments, at the University of Melbourne.

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